maandag 2 mei 2011

Some MET-students write to the Netherlands....

Een drietal leerlingen (Lisa, Patti en Alondra) van MET Providence aan het woord:

hey my name is Lisa i am 16 years old and i goes to The Met
i just want to start off by saying I LOVE THE WAY YOU TALK!!! it sound so COOL.. WELL I WILL LOVE TO COME VISIT YOUR COUNTRY SOMEDAY...
i will love to make a new friend so if you see this write back
okay BYE

Hi my name is Patti and I'm 15 years old. I am a sophomore (2nd Year) student at The Met school. Someday I hope to work in an advertising agency, because I love to design. I also love my advisory and my school, and I'm happiest when I'm here, with them! And I'm not the only one! If you follow this link, you'll see a video that my advisor (aka teacher) made about our first two years at The Met, mostly just us being silly! I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!

Hello my name is Alondra and I am  years old and I am a sohpmore at MET high school in Providence, RI. I enjoy being a MET students it has been an educational and great experience so far. I have been able to have some great experiences while being at the MET. I love the MET and hopefully some of you students will be able to come and visit and a few of us could go and experience the school life in the Netherlands.
Alright have a nice day BYE!

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